Will this revolutionise the at-home manicure?

Wednesday saw the launch of Julep’s Plie wand. This is in essence a cap that fits on to your existing Julep nail polishes that extends the handle making it easier to hold.  It even bends which is said to help you have control of the wand no matter which hand you’re using to paint with.

Plie OneSheet


I’ve never really struggled painting nails with my left hand but I know many people find it difficult so I’m looking forward to giving this a go. Although I think I would be a little worried about easy your nail varnish will be to knock over with the wand fitted. My advice is not to rest the wand in the bottle when you’re not actively painting your nails!

At the moment it’s only available from the states in a $25 set that includes the wand and precision brush.

Have any of you managed to get your hands on it? What do you think?