The Awra Amba Experience

Help my friends achieve amazing things …


Paulina Tervo and Serdar Ferit, are a filmmaking couple of Finnish / British / Turkish Cypriot origins, who in 2005 founded Write This Down Productions, a UK-based film and digital production company with the aim of telling meaningful and beautiful stories from around the world.

Their relationship with Awra Amba started nearly ten years ago. Since then, they have visited a number of times, shooting their first documentary there in 2008.

The idea for The Awra Amba Experience was conceived in 2010 following long discussions with Zumra Nuru and other members of Awra Amba. Now their team has grown to an international mix of professional filmmakers, writers, designers, illustrators, animators, web developers, musicians, sound designers and translators, who all share the enthusiasm for the philosophies and values of the community.


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