1940’s Inspired Photo Shoot

I’m working on a 1940s inspired photo shoot with Louise Holgate Photography this thursday so I’m collecting together some pictures for inspiration and to create a bit of a mood board. As I have found some lovely images I thought I would share the vintage love with you guys at the same time … Enjoy! x

I don’t own all of these photos as I have found most of them in books and on other places on the web. If you are the owner of any of these photographs and would like me to remove them please contact me via my contact page.

5 thoughts on “1940’s Inspired Photo Shoot

        1. Early on women used things like gravy browning to create their own leg paints and used makeup pencils or soft drawing pencils to create the seam but soon the makeup manufacturers got in on the act and started to producing their own leg paints.

          Women used all types of things as other makeup substitutes as well… Like Boot polish was used as mascara and beetroot juice was often used to colour the lips.

          Crazy times but very resourceful!

          1. Oooh, very interesting! I didn’t know that the manufacturers actually made leg paint. Crikey! So much for us being resourceful these days – the 40s had it pegged…

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