Happy 1st Birthday GlossyBox

Its GlossyBox’s 1st birthday and the special edition box is landing on all our doorsteps this week.

The birthday box is back to the usual pale pink but comes with tissue paper covered in cupcakes and makeup, which is oh so so cute. But thats where the joy ends I’m afraid.

So in the box we have:

Nobile Isle – Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel 75ml (full size 250ml £20)

Lolita Lempicka -Eau de Parfum & Si Lolita 2 x 0.8ml (full size 100ml £65 EDP / £63 Si Lolita)

Apivita – Express Beauty Mask Sachet (£3.50)

Osmo -Berber Oil Hair Treatment 10ml (full size 100ml £19.99)

Eldora – False Eyelashes (£3.90)

The box comes with extra little pressies of a glossybox balloon and mirror but the rest of the box is a little lacking on the full size products. The only full size product was False eyelash strips from Eldora which look like they could be quite good but are branded as ‘value-priced lashes’ which goes against the luxury product sampling that they have created their business model on. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good pair of lashes but they shouldn’t be giving us ‘value-priced’ products in a luxury sample box.

The perfume samples are tiny – the same size as you can get free from Boots when you ask for a sample, which is disappointing.

The Noble Isle body wash does smell devine and its a new british brand inspired the natural and cultural riches of the British Isles so am quite excited to try it out. This is 75ml bottle and is the largest sample in the box and based on the full size price of £20 for 250ml its worth the most at £6.

I’ll try out the other products but to be honest I’ve still got most of the other two hair oils left that I’ve had in previous boxes so don’t really need another one but at least I’m stocked up for a while I guess!

I’ve added up the value of the box and it stands at £16.42 if you include the perfume samples, which you probably could get for free. If one more of the products were full size I think I would be happier but as it goes at the moment I haven’t saved much money and have got products that I wouldn’t necessarily choose to spend my money on.

I still love the surprise of getting a random selection of new products to try out but I also want good value for money and I don’t think this box quite meets the standard of the boxes we’ve had over the last couple of months.

What did everyone else get? What are your thoughts on the 1st  birthday box?



The Eco-warrior GlossyBox


It’s here at last! April’s GlossyBox was delayed due to the Easter bank holidays disrupting the packing process. So I was very excited when it landed on my doorstep this morning!

And boy was it worth the wait!
They have done yet another special edition box to follow on from March’s Harrods Box. This month it’s the turn of the 100% biodegradable, organic Eco-warrior box and I think it has to be my favourite due to its cute rustic charm.

What’s inside the box?
When I first took off the lid, undid the ribbon and looked under the tissue paper I was pleasantly surprised to see the box was full. I know the size of the products aren’t the most important thing but sometimes it’s hard to get excited about a box that looks half empty.

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum 10ml (£29/30ml)

Inika Cosmetics Certified Organic Eyeliner. 12 Purple Minx. Full Size (£11.75)

Monu Professional Skincare Moisture Rich Collagen Cream. Full Size (£17.50)

Figs & Rouge Lip Balm. Cherry & Vanilla. Full Size (£3.29)

Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion. 70g (£9.99/190g)

And to be honest, I’m over the moon. With three full size products and two very good size ‘mini’ products and a RRP of over £30 it couldn’t be better. BUT if you don’t have dry skin you’d be a bit disappointed as all but the eyeliner are products for dehydrated/dry skin. I’m hoping that they have decided to start using those personalised beauty profiles we all filled out many moons ago?

I can’t wait to start trying them all out!

What did everyone else get? Have you tried any of them yet?

I look forward to hearing all your comments on this months glossybox …