Summer of Love

Friday saw a milestone in SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup’s history. We made a very big update to our Press section of the website.

Here is what is was about …

We’ve been keeping the ‘Summer of Love’ photo shoot under wraps for months but now we can share the love as they have now been published in issue 3 of Unique Bride Magazine, available from 30th August 2012.

The shoot took place on a very breezy summers day in kings norton, close to Solihull in the West Midlands. With LuxeBridal providing the stunning vintage wedding dresses, Louise Holgate taking all the photographs, Fusion Flowers creating beautiful arrangements, Kathryn Marsh bringing along the star of the show Pumpkin the VW campervan and not forgetting our two models Nathan Bennett and Meghan Howard who brought it all to life.

We had to contend with the wind, muddy bogs left by the torrential rainwe’ve been having an the fact that Pumpkin the VW camper wouldn’t fit under the entry gate to the shoot location! But we all rallied round and due to all our hard work we pulled off a successful shoot. So successful in fact that Unique Bride Magazine have put us on the front cover!

So here you are for you all to enjoy …

Unique Bride Issue 3 Cover – Featuring SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup
Unique Bride Issue 3 Editor’s Letter Page – Featuring SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup
Unique Bride Issue 3 Editorial Page 1 – Featuring SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup
Unique Bride Issue 3 Editorial Page 2 – Featuring SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup
Unique Bride Issue 3 Editorial Page 3 – Featuring SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup

And even more excitingly the editorial includes a ‘How to get the look’ section written by yours truly. Learn how to do your own relaxed wispy waves …

Unique Bride Issue 3 Editorial Page 4 – Featuring SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup

And last but not least SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup has very first advertisement in print!

Unique Bride Issue 3 – Featuring SGR Vintage Hair & Makeup Advert

1940’s Inspired Photo Shoot

I’m working on a 1940s inspired photo shoot with Louise Holgate Photography this thursday so I’m collecting together some pictures for inspiration and to create a bit of a mood board. As I have found some lovely images I thought I would share the vintage love with you guys at the same time … Enjoy! x

I don’t own all of these photos as I have found most of them in books and on other places on the web. If you are the owner of any of these photographs and would like me to remove them please contact me via my contact page.

Champagne, Cupcakes and Wedding Dresses

I was lucky enough to join the amazing girls at the LuxeBridal headquarters for their open day. They were showing off their exclusive range of Vintage Wedding Dresses from the glitz glamour af the 1920s right through to the hippie 70s.

Brides were treated to a glass of champagne and a stunning cup cake, supplied by Emily from Buds & Bows Bakery .

I was there to style the bride’s hair to help show off the beautiful head pieces from Cherished Vintage Bridal Accessories.

And to top it all off Louise Holgate Photography was there to capture it all on camera.

I had a lovely day meeting all the brides to be and the wedding dresses were pretty stunning too!

Check out Louise’s photographs of the day below: